The Glen Fruin Estate in Hermanus

Glen Fruin Meadows was originally incorporated in the farm Glen Fruin, owned for over half a century by the Musson family who lived across the river. The Onrust River which runs through Glen Fruin Meadows is fed from the De Bos Dam in the Hemel en Aarde Valley (which literally translated means Heaven and Earth) and meanders under the national road to join the sea at Onrust Beach.

The river is home to many bird species that either live here or visit during the year: Egyptian Geese have their home here as do Yellow billed ducks, also seen are the Coucal (Rain Bird), Giant and dwarf Kingfishers, Nightjars and Hoopoe. The area is also home to Owls, Hadeda Ibis, Heron, over 150 Guinea Fowl and Francolins, who live on both sides of the river, along with Peacocks. We have a lot of weaver birds down on the water and there have been sightings of Mongeese, Meerkats, Porcupines, Tortoise and small buck, and last but not least the Cape Clawless Otter.


One can walk right around the estate and there are benches strategically placed along the river, a walkway that is lit up at night time and quite a bit of green belt. The estate is on 45 hectares, and we only have 20 houses in all. There is also a lively stable on the Estate.